Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Alright, now that SATC sequel is coming out, I can't hold this in any longer. Granted, most characters and scenarios in movies and TV are completely implausible, but Carrie Bradshaw's character is especially ridiculous. For example, in my latest Us Weekly, Carrie is depicted wearing a $435 Halston Heritage cocktail dress, Jee Vice's $170 Heated shades, a $865 Christian Louboutin's heels, and a $1,795 hobo bag. That is a total of $3,265 for ONE outfit, not counting the jewelry she has on!

Two theories on how she can afford her clothes: First, since she's now married to Mr. Big, who is suppose to be this uber-rich real estate developer, I guess her expensive ensemble is somewhat plausible, but the problem with this theory is that Carrie wore these classy coutures before she married him (and his money). Second, Carrie is able to afford all this apparel, as well as her mortgage on her Manhattan digs, on her weekly newspaper column. Unlikely. According to one internet source, weekly columnists get paid $75 per article, or $200 per week. Aside from the discrepancy between her supposed salary and her spendthrift ways, her column sucks. You couldn't even pay me to read her column (if it were real)! Have you ever noticed how each of her articles begin with a question that the show never answers? Stupid questions too, like, is the thirties really the new twenties? Or are men like dogs?

But will I still pay good money to see SATC II? Most definitely.

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Thomas said...

Maybe she has a trust.