Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top 15 Benefits of Being Unemployed

15. Having strangers wonder to themselves, "Don't people have to work anymore?"
14. Family day trips to Multnomah Falls and the beach
13. Being available for doctor appointments, carpet cleaning, and other appointments
12. Lavish homemade lunches (followed by a nap)
11. Reading or watching a movie on the couch
10. Grocery shopping in the middle of the day in the middle of the week
9. Having a clean house and no need to do chores on the weekends
8. Relishing in an empty playground, swimming pool, etc. and no lines when running errands
7. Greeting the mailman, UPS and FedEx drivers, in-person
6. Having the time to volunteer
5. Watching Oprah and cooking shows on the Food Network
4. Napping in the afternoon (or morning)
3. Hitting the gym when no one's there
2. Spending time with my awesome husband
1. Quality time with my cutie pie daughter

1 comment:

Thomas said...

I thought for sure I'd come in #1.

But I've never come second to a more deserving winner.