Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bad movies

There are a lot of "bad" movies I wouldn't mind seeing, such as "27 Dresses," "Definitely, Maybe," and "Over Her Dead Body." Of the good movies I want to see, "No Country for Old Men" is still on the list too. But with a paper due Monday and overcoming a cold, I'm pretty sure we'll just have to wait for Netflix.

On another note, this has been a weekend of junk food. It all kicked off on Valentine's Day when I came down with a cold; the most likely culprit was the guy who sits next to me in Crim Pro who was sick with a cold the week before and still showed up to class. So Tom and I got take-out Chinese and watched "No Reservations" on V-day and I ate 2 fortune cookies. On Friday night, after a day of doing our taxes, we grabbed cheeseburgers and shakes from Burgerville. Saturday we had Costco hotdogs and shared an ice cream bar. Today for lunch we had a cheese pizza from Pizza Schmizza. Have no fear...tomorrow I'm back to my usual diet of oatmeal and carrot sticks.

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