Saturday, March 15, 2008

Indicator of Good Husbandry

Like a new parent or a new aunt, I think I'm entitled to some bragging rights about my new husband.  Tom is a lot like his dad - he can fix almost anything mechanical without a manual.  A few weeks ago Tom noticed that my shift gear stopped lighting up.  (You know, the thing in automatic cars where it tells you what gear you're in.)  Having never done this before, he experimented by taking apart my whole middle console, found the burnt out light bulb, and replaced it for a total cost of $1.97.

This week I commented to him about how my gas gage light was dim compared to the others on my dash board.  Again, he did the same thing. He took my whole dashboard apart, figured out which lights were dim, replaced 5 of the bulbs for the cost of $3.98, and then put everything back together.  

I am most impressed with this act because (1) he saves me a lot of money, and (2) his inquisitive nature of taking things apart, figuring out what is wrong, and then fixing it with such enduring patience is markedly different from myself.  When I see a problem that I don't know how to fix I throw my hands up in despair, whine, and hope that it will magically fix itself one day. I guess in this manner we complement each other.


mj said...

i am the same as you! i need to find me a mr. fix-it!! :)

Tea Pot with Natasha said...

Hahaha! Tom has an older brother, you know.