Saturday, March 1, 2008

Omg...what have we done?!?

Tom and I are not impulsive people, especially when it comes to major purchases. It is for this reason we have not gotten AppleTV yet even though Tom deeply yearns for it.

But tonight...oh tonight was a different story. We attended the 19 annual PILP auction because it's a fun evening spent getting dressed up and seeing your fellow classmates and professors all dolled up as well. People meander, munch on mozzarella balls, and oogle over the ambundant number of silent auction prizes.

One of the live auction prizes was accommodations for 1 week in Disneyland or 1 week Williamsburg, VA (where Thomas Jefferson is from). The available dates for Williamsburg were from 8/3 to 8/10. We took this for a sign because our wedding is on Aug. 2 and we do not have honeymoon plans since Germany was scrapped for being too expensive. Anyway, we were outbid by another couple who wanted to go to Disneyland but we were called back by the auctioneer when we started to walk away; she offered us the trip to Williamsburg. With everyone's eyes on us and cheering us on, we had to cave in. Ok, so Virginia and Washington D.C., here we come!


Thomas said...

Virginia is for lovers! How romantic. You couldn't have chosen a better destination.

mj said...

with a beginning like that, the trip is destined to be incredible! :)

Jeff & Cat said...

Natasha! I didn't realize you had a blog until just now. Love it. Now I have somewhere else to while away all my lonely minutes spent pumping in an empty exam room (is that more info than I should post in a public forum??).

Tea Pot with Natasha said...

If you mean "public" to include a total of 5 people, then sure, post away!