Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dream Theory

I had a really strange dream the other day. I dreamt that Tom bought a 28-room Victorian house for us before I even saw it. When I told Tom this, he said, oh that must have been a nightmare for you. LOL. The strange thing about this dream was how vivid everything was. The owners of this house were anxious to sell and so we bought this house for a ridiculously good price. The owners were also anxious to leave town and they left everything behind, including food in the fridge as well as their Golden retriever named Billie, and sold it "as is."

The previous owners were antique collectors, so the house was full of Victorian antiques, some valuable but mostly junk. In my dream, I surveyed every room to see what they had left behind and I can still recall every unusual trinket. I also remember this oddly shaped room that was painted blue. Tom had begun moving some of his stuff into this room, like his guitars and video games. I remember saying to him, "Well, where am I going to put my Stampin' Up! stuff?" He then opens up another room and says, "In here." 

There were two other strange things about this house. First, it was part of a townhome situated in the middle of a lovely park. Next to the house was a cute little outdoor cafe with chairs and tables outside, but it was closed indefinitely. And the townhome association had a "knight" theme and we had a knight's helmet as our door knocker. Second, I looked out the window at one point and could have sworn that I saw our neighbor, dressed in a full knight's armor, walking out his front door. When I pointed this out to Tom, we couldn't see anyone in a knight's costume except for joggers and their dogs running through the park.

So what was the point of my dream? I think it was a nightmare, but not for the same reason Tom gave. I think it's a nightmare because in real life, I hate Victorian homes and antiques because I think they're creepy. They are both items a dead person use to own. But the real petrifying part of the dream was that deep down, I knew that the previous owners were eager to split because the house was haunted. Not only that, but the house made some of its inhabitants go crazy and see visions that were either real or imaginary, such as the neighbor in a knight's armor. I have no idea where this dream came from because I wasn't thinking of Victorian houses earlier that day, but I guess it's easy to let your fears sneak up on you.


Thomas said...

I thought it was a nightmare because it sounds expensive.

I thought that you thought it was a nightmare because I know that you don't like victorian houses.

You thought that I thought that it was a nightmare because of some other reason.

I am envious of your ability to remember a dream in the morning.

mj said...

I'll bet you didn't know I'm an amateur dream interpreter (with the help of the internet!). Here's my best analysis (I should probably put some sort of disclaimer here!...):

You are about to embark on new opportunities, and in order to do so desire inner self-discovery. (Door.) You have old attitudes and feelings, and possibly unfinished emotional business, regarding your childhood and family. (Haunted House.) Although you value tradition and wisdom, you know you need to move from outdated views from your childhood. (Antiques.) However, you also want to protect and keep those views secure OR you desire protection and security on your new journey. (Knight.) Yet, you are optimistic about the future, especially your partnership with Tom and the guidance he provides, and your ability to remain independent. (Husband / Blue Room.)

Let me know how I did!