Saturday, February 28, 2009

2nd Trimester

In November, I announced I was 3-months pregnant. Now I think it's only fair that I give my readers an update on my pregnancy. In mid-November my doctor did a "Quad Screen," a test that checks for neural tube defect in the fetus, including Down syndrome, and the test came back negative.  

My next appointment in December was on the one of the iciest days in Portland. Tom and I managed to get to the doctor's office and back on the bus but it took us about 3 hours! Well, it was a good thing we did though because we found out that we were having a little girl!!! Our parents, Tom's mom especially, could not have been more elated.

The rest of the 2nd trimester passed without much fuss. It really wasn't until the end of December that I started to feel the baby move, which was absolutely magical. In New Orleans, where we celebrated New Years, the baby was particularly active after some powdered-sugar beignets and chicory-flavored cafe au laits!  

Another noteworthy event - Mary (Tom's mom) threw us our first baby shower in Texas, where nearly all of Tom's relatives attended, including one of Tom's aunt from Alaska. It was an all-day affair and Mary really went above and beyond herself. We truly enjoyed ourselves.

My only complaint about the 2nd trimester was that I felt extremely chubby, but otherwise I did not feel physically prohibited. People who knew I was expecting could tell that I was pregnant, but I was dying for a stranger to ask me when I was due. I can tell you now...I didn't have to wait too long!

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Thomas said...

The 2nd trimester was the in-between time, where no strangers would be able to say for certain that you were pregnant.

But I knew, and I even felt her kicking at the very end of the 2nd trimester.