Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Portland, The Perfect Little City

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Portland, Oregon:

10. It's so green (and lush and pretty)!
9. Oregonians are such nice, friendly people.
8. There's no sales tax. Let me repeat: there's no sales tax.
7. It's big enough that you're not running into the same folks over and over again. But if you tend the frequent the same places, you will start to see some "familiar" faces.
6. The quality of life and cost of living is so much better here, than say, the Bay Area.
5. Driving anywhere that takes more than 25 minutes is now considered "far."
4. I feel like I have a special connection to fellow minorities because there are so few of us.
3. When there's a new cashier at our local grocery store, we notice RIGHT AWAY.
2. Portland is situated equally between the beach and the mountains. Not that we go often, but you know, we could.
1. A tight-knit community - a place we call home!

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