Friday, May 30, 2008

Portland, the City of (White) Roses

One thing we miss about the Bay Area is its cultural diversity. When we arrive at San Jose airport, we are always pleasantly surprised, I think, at the number of minorities we see. And no one looks at us twice because we look Asian!

Our flight back from San Jose to Portland was surprisingly mixed. Come to find out later, the flight was continuing on to Phoenix (what a horrible route!). And when we arrived in Portland, all the white people de-planed and all the 'colored folks' continued on!

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Tea Pot with Natasha said...

And just to further illustrate my point: we ate dinner at Deschutes Brewery last night in The Pearl. The restaurant was fairly large - I would say there were 200-250 people dining and we could count the number of minories in one hand (i.e. 3 Asians).